Lakeside self storage mini storage units make an arduous task easier by ensuring you do not pay too much for storage space you do not need. Ironically, though, mini storage has nothing to do with the size of a storage unit! In this post, we will discuss mini storage units and share information about our affordable Lakeside self storage options.

About Our Lakeside Self Storage Mini Storage Units

Lakeside Self Storage Mini Storage Units

What is a Mini Storage Unit?

It is not uncommon to think that “mini storage” refers to a smaller than usual storage space – and it might – but it can also refer to a bigger storage space. Confused? Let us explain –

In this age, there is no difference between self storage and mini storage – they are two terms that mean the same thing.

A Brief History of Self Storage

Self storage took off in the 1960s when Russ Williams and Bob Munn opened the first self storage location for oil companies to store supplies and barrels. The business was called “A1 U-Store-It U-Lock-It U-Carry-the-Key” – since self storage was not a service yet, they used the name to describe what they offered. At this time, self storage options were only available to businesses and industries, not individuals.

By the 1970s, self storage became increasingly popular as many entrepreneurs realized how many everyday people needed self storage solutions, too. The idea took off, and more storage unit businesses began cropping up. Many of these businesses referred to themselves as “mini-storage” because each storage unit served as a mini warehouse for personal storage.

By this definition, even a 20×40 storage unit can be considered mini storage.

What’s The Difference Between Self Storage and Mini Storage These Days?

Who was using the service used to be the difference between storage units and mini storage units. These days “self storage” and “mini storage” are used interchangeably to refer to self storage options.

Can Mini Storage Have Mini Storage Options?

You may be wondering whether mini storage today can refer to mini storage units, and the answer is yes. Many self storage locations offer mini storage units for people with less storage needs. For example, at Ace Self Storage in Lakeside, we offer a wide range of storage units varying from 5 feet x 5 feet to 10 feet x 30 feet.

Is a Mini Storage Unit Right For Me?

Assuming that we are referring to the size of a storage unit when we talk about “mini storage,” how do you know whether a smaller storage unit will meet your needs? The self storage unit size chart on our site can help you to decide what size unit is best for you.

In short, if you are looking for a smaller storage unit, we have multiple options that may suit your needs.

Our Smaller Storage Units

Our smallest storage unit is 5 feet x 5 feet. The size of a small closet or 25 square feet, this small unit can fit smaller furniture pieces, a chest of drawers, clothing, and some office supplies.

If you need a Lakeside mini storage unit but need something bigger, a 5 feet x 10 feet unit may be a better option. The size of a walk-in closet or 50 square feet, this small unit can fit a chest of drawers, a couch, a chair, and some small business inventory pieces.

Still, need something a little bigger? A 10 feet x 10 feet storage unit is the size of a hallway or 100 square feet and is ideal for furniture and boxes, ladders, a motorcycle, or a small lawn tractor.

The last of our smaller storage units is our 10 feet x 15 feet unit, which is the size of a small bedroom of 150 square feet. This unit is around ¾ the size of a regular garage and can fit furniture and boxes from a one-bedroom apartment or home, along with a refrigerator or a washer and dryer.

Need Larger Storage Units?

We also have larger units – a 10 feet x 20 feet unit that is the size of a one-car garage or 200 square feet and a 10 feet x 30 feet unit that fits the contents of a 3 to 4-bedroom apartment along with appliances and patio furniture.

While our larger storage units may be more than you need, if you have a friend or family member who also needs storage, you might consider splitting the cost of a larger unit between you.

The best way to judge what size storage unit you will need is to look over our self storage size chart, but if you are still unsure about which storage unit is best for your needs, you can call us, and we will help you to decide on the most economical solution for your needs.

Lakeside Self Storage Deals

Here at Ace Self Storage, we offer affordable storage unit options, but we also run various deals throughout the year to help you to save money on different storage options.

Currently, we are offering a managers special and a move-in-special – to find out more about these offers, call our office at (858)294-0151, and we will do everything we can to get you the best deal on self storage.

Alongside our storage deals, Ace Self Storage also offers a military storage discount, a veteran storage discount, and a senior storage discount. If you fall into one of these three categories, we offer you a 10% discount on your storage needs.

Looking For A Lakeside Self Storage Mini Storage Unit?

If you are in Lakeside, California, and looking for an affordable self storage solution, we here at Ace Storage can help! We offer self storage units that range in size from 5 feet x 5 feet to 10 feet x 30 feet, so no matter what size unit you are looking for, we can help!

To find out about our current specials or available storage units, call us at (858)294-0151 or fill in our online request form, and we will get back to you ASAP with the answers you are looking for! Call Lakeside Self Storage Today.