If you are looking for Miramar, California, military storage, Ace Self Storage can help. Ace Self Storage Miramar is at 7988 Miramar Rd. San Diego, CA 92126, and offer storage solutions of all sizes, from short-term 5-foot by 5-foot rentals to long-term 10-foot by 30-foot rentals. Due to our proximity to Air Station Miramar, one of the things we specialize in is meeting military storage needs.

With so many military clients coming and going, we have compiled a list of tips to help pre-deployment soldiers with their storage planning.

Top Tips For Pre-Deployment Storage Miramar California Military Storage

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Always Opt for a Temperature Controlled Military Storage Unit

When choosing Miramar California military storage for pre-deployment, always opt for a temperature-controlled storage unit! You never know exactly how long you might be gone or how long you may need to use your storage unit when you return, so make sure your property is protected no matter the season!

Some people think that temperature-controlled storage units are only for people who store collectibles or valuable antiques – this just is not true! You should protect all of your items from excessive heat etc. because even if they are not valuable antiques, they can still get damaged by humidity and heat.

Property can warp, melt, fade, discolor, and even develop mold when kept in excessive temperatures and less than ideal humidity! The last thing you want is to return from deployment to find all your property smelling damp and spotted with mold.

Prevent property damage by investing in an interior, temperature-controlled storage unit instead.

Pack Your Items Well

Packing your items well may seem like a given, but many people wait until the last minute to start packing, and as a result, they wind up throwing things in boxes and not protecting delicate items. Set a reminder for yourself to remind you to start packing earlier and pack a little at a time so that it does not become overwhelming.

You can find packing supplies at local megastores, but if you are on a tight budget, check your local classified ads. Places like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are good options too. People who have just moved are looking to get rid of their boxes – many times for free. Just be sure that the boxes you pick are sturdy enough to hold what you want to put in them! For example, if you have a lot of books to pack, you must use a thick cardboard box with a reinforced bottom so that the moving box does not break.

Use a Dolly to Load Your Storage Unit

The last thing you want to do is hurt yourself when loading up a storage unit before deployment! Use a dolly to move heavier items and boxes to avoid injuries. If you are at risk of injury, you can always hire movers to load and unload for you – it is not too expensive, and it will save you time and trouble.

Create a List

As you prepare to deploy and begin packing away items for storage, it is helpful to create a deployment list. Make a note of everything that you plan to put into storage when you deploy. Be sure to label boxes and organize everything in your storage unit as best you can; this way, if you need something from your storage unit and have to send someone to get it for you, they will have an easier time finding it.

Also, make a note of your due date for storage unit payments, set up an auto-withdrawal, or pay a contract upfront to ensure that your storage unit does not default and you do not get your property repossessed.

Ask About A Military Discount

At Ace Self Storage, we offer an additional discount for military members and veterans to help ensure you can pay for storage upfront if necessary. We make it known to all our service members that we offer a discount, but if you utilize another storage company, be sure to ask about any military discount they offer.

Also, be sure to ask about any other possible discounts you could benefit from; for example, a manager’s special offer or general move-in specials.

Make Sure They Offer AutoPay

If you decide not to pay your entire storage bill upfront, be sure to check whether the storage company offers autopay. Autopay makes it much easier to set up your payments without having to worry about missing them due to deployment or being unable to access the internet.

Remember too, that even if a storage company does not offer autopay options, your bank might. This bill-pay option works the same way as autopay, but it goes through your bank rather than the storage company. Some people actually prefer to use their bank bill pay option because it allows them to pay all their bills through the same interface.

Be Sure to Give Someone You Trust Access to Your Storage Unit If You Need To

Whether you face a long or short deployment, it is always a good idea to leave someone you trust with access to your storage unit. Having someone in town who can access your storage unit is beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • You may need an item unpacked and sent to you.
  • Your deployment may be longer than expected, and you may want someone to check on your stored items.
  • If something unexpected happens – for example, a weather incident – you may want someone to check on your stored items, or you may want to loan them your items while you are deployed.

Have Questions About Our Military Storage Option?

If you have any questions about military storage options, our friendly staff at Ace Self Storage are available to answer your questions. You can reach our Miramar, California self storage unit at 858-294-0151.