How to store winter clothes

Learn more about some winter clothes storage ideas and how to store winter clothes in summer.

As spring turns to summer and temperatures go higher and higher, you’ll likely find your closet and dressers are full of clothing that you won’t be needing for several months.

The obvious thing to do is to take all those clothes you won’t need and store them somewhere. However, this is where things can go wrong for a lot of people. If things are not properly packed and stored, you may go to get your winter clothing out next fall and find that it’s either damaged or completely ruined.

How to properly store winter clothes

To avoid that happening, you just need to take a little extra care and put some more thought into how to store your winter clothes. While some of our tips below may cost a little money, in the long run it is likely worth it as you won’t have to spend more money to replace your wardrobe, not to mention spending time buying new winter clothes.

Winter clothing storage: How to store away winter clothes

Some tips for storing winter clothes include:

  1. Make sure your items are clean. If stains are left on items, they will set during storage, and become permanent.
  2. Use basic laundry detergent. Pests are attracted to bleach, fabric softener and starch.
  3. Fold any clothes that could be stretched due to hanging.
  4. Hang any clothes that could be permanently wrinkled from folding.
  5. Use garment bags on clothes that are hung.
  6. Use clear plastic bins or vacuum bags (space bags) on other items. See our post on vacuum seal bags for clothes. When storing items in plastic bins, don’t push clothes down to maximize space as it can damage items.
  7. Consider labelling your bins and vacuum seal bags. This makes it so you can tell what is in a bin or bag without having to open it and dig through.
  8. Store your clothing in a dry, dust-free place. Moisture and dust damages clothes.
  9. Store your clothing somewhere secure; where it won’t be damaged or stolen. A storage unit is a great option.
  10. Use cedar blocks to deter pests.
  11. Use desiccant packs to collect any extra moisture.

You’ll find more advice about storing winter clothes in our post how to store clothes long term.

How to store winter coats

When storing winter jackets, it’s important to ensure that they are clean and free of any stains. It’s also important to fold them correctly so that they don’t become wrinkled or stretched out. If you have the space, you can hang them up, but be sure to use garment bags to avoid any damage. If you don’t have the space to hang them, then folding them is the next best option.

Storing puffy coats

Be sure to avoid using vacuum seal bags on puffy jackets, as it can damage them. Also, don’t push them down in a plastic bin. They need air to breathe.

How to store sweaters in summer

When storing sweaters, there are a few extra things to consider.

First, you may want to try freezing your sweater for a day or two to make sure any eggs that may be on the fabric are killed.

Second, consider using a de-piling tool to remove any piling on your sweaters. When you go to take the sweaters out of storage next fall, they’ll seem like new!

Third, avoid vacuum sealing or hanging sweaters. Both of those options will damage the shape of the sweater. Instead, fold the sweaters and place them in a plastic bin with ample air to breathe. Put the heavier sweaters on the bottom. You’ll also want to add a cedar block and a desiccant pack to the plastic bin to deter pests and collect any excess moisture.

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