How To Store Pillows And Blankets

Read about some of the best ways to store blankets and pillows in a a storage unit

You’d think bedding storage would be fairly simple, right? Think again.

Blankets and pillows are large, bulky, and absorb a large area. They collect dust and dirt if left uncovered. Additionally, they are subject to mildew and moth damage if left in a damp environment.

In this post, we’ll go through how to store blankets and how to store pillows long term.

Storage for pillows and blankets

Here are 5 ways to store blankets and pillows to keep them in good condition:

1.  Cedar

Cedar contains herbal oils which naturally repels moths and other insects. If your pillows and blankets are made from materials that moths or bugs will be drawn to, using Cedar is a great way to keep your stuff nice. While a cedar chest or box, or cedar lined chest or box, would be preferable, you also can purchase cedar blocks to stick in with your items in storage.

2.  Plastic boxes

I’m sure we’ve all seen the large plastic boxes that are sold at every store that sells storage items. These large plastic boxes are great as they can take a beating. If you get a clear or see-through plastic storage bin, you also can see what you have stored inside easily. Some of the plastic storage bins have latches on them to seal them tight. You will want to make sure that you clean the inside of the plastic storage box thoroughly before use. For you blankets and pillows, you could also add some cedar blocks as mentioned above.

3.  Vacuum Bag

Vacuum luggage can be a great option if storage space is at a premium. These are bags you fill with stuff to store, like your blankets and pillows, and then you vacuum out the air, which condenses the bag tight. While this is a great way to store things, it isn’t advisable for down blankets, any pillows, jackets, etc., as down or artificial filling can lose its puffiness if compressed for a long period of time.

4.   Fabric bags

You can also purchase cotton or canvas bags to store your bedding or pillows in. While these work and provide some protection, they aren’t as good as the above three options (cedar boxes, plastic bins, vacuum bags) as they aren’t completely sealed and or waterproof.

5.  Moving boxes

If you don’t have or can’t get access to any of the above options, plain old cardboard boxes will also work for storing blankets and pillows. For added protection, you could line the box with packing paper or consider storing blankets in plastic bags (unscented) first, then into the box. The downside of cardboard boxes include smell (cardboard typically has a smell to it that may transfer to your items), the boxes aren’t that sturdy and may get compressed, they aren’t waterproof, and bugs or animals could chew through them.

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