How to store musical instruments in a storage unit

Learn some tips for storing your musical instruments in a storage unit.

Musical instruments can be a significant financial investment. Given the high price tag, you’ll want to get as many years out of your instrument as you can. Most instruments will last decades or even generations if properly looked after.

When you store your musical instrument, there is the risk that the instrument will come to harm. However, if you take the proper steps, you can keep your instrument safe in storage. Luckily, you can store your equipment in your storage facility without jeopardizing its condition. Learn how to keep your instrument safe in a storage unit by following these six tips.

Store your musical instrument in its original case

Storing your instrument in its original case is always preferable. It’s safer and more secure if you store your instrument in its original case. The case is created to carry the instrument and all of its components securely and safely. If you can’t find or purchase a new case—whether it has been damaged or lost—get a new one rather than using a box, bag, or bin. Although hard cases are ideal, you may store your instrument safely even if it originally came in a softer case. Ensure that your case is watertight no matter what kind you choose.

Disassemble your instrument before storing it

Take your instrument apart. Don’t store your instrument all put together, if it’s designed to come apart. Take off mouthpieces, remove reeds, and detach straps. For stringed instruments, go ahead and loosen the strings slightly. (There is no need to remove them). The pressure of tight strings can warp your instrument. Do the same for bowstrings. The exception is pianos — they do not have to have their strings loosened, as they are designed to withstand strong pressure. Drumheads should also be loosened.

Clean your instrument before storing it

Prior to storage, thoroughly clean your instrument. Choose the right cleaning chemicals and materials for your instrument. Clean each segment of your instrument individually. This way, moisture and grime won’t accumulate and ruin the instrument while it is stored. For instance, you might use tissue paper between flute pads to prevent them from adhering to the instrument body.

Pack your instrument carefully

Make sure your instrument is clean and dry before packing it in its case. Secure the parts in the case’s designated sections. If you have enough wiggle room, you can use cotton batting to keep the parts in place. Place a sheet of acid-free paper or clean cloth over the instrument prior to closing the case.

Cover large instruments

Store larger instruments, such as pianos or drum sets, in a dust-free environment by securing them in a protective covering. You won’t have a case if you store these items. You may want to have them professionally moved, particularly if you store them. To protect piano legs, pedals, and benches from damage, they should be covered with padding. To protect large items from dust, mildew, and pests, cover them with a tarp.

Store your instrument carefully in the storage unit

Instrument storage requires careful handling after you’ve prepared your instrument to be stored in a storage unit. Place instruments on shelves or other items instead of on the floor of the unit. Do not place anything on top of instrument cases, regardless of how light it appears. Make sure the instrument is in a place where it isn’t going to accidentally get knocked over by something else.

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