How to organize a storage unit

Learn about how to pack a storage unit.

Most people know that when it comes to organization, one size does not fit all. What works for some people might not work for others.

The same is true when it comes to organizing a storage unit. There are a few different ways to do it, and the best way will vary depending on your needs and preferences.

In this article, we will discuss a few different ideas as to how to pack a storage unit.

Pack your items carefully

Before you even begin adding items to your storage unit, one of the most important elements to packing your storage unit as efficiently as possible is to first make sure your items are packed as well as possible. Use bags and boxes. Items should be clean and dusted. Clothes and linens should be stain free and folded. Delicate items should be packed with padding around them.

Create an inventory list

Another way to pack your storage unit efficiently is to create an inventory list. This is a list of every item in your storage unit. By having a list, you know exactly what is in the unit. This will save you later digging through the unit for an item that may not even be there.

Label items

Labelling the items, especially boxes, that you put in your storage unit can be very beneficial, as it saves opening and digging through multiple boxes when you are trying to find something. Instead, you just check the label.

Use clear plastic bins instead of carboard

We recommend using clear plastic bins for multiple reasons:

  • They keep moisture out
  • They generally have no smell
  • You can see what’s inside
  • Dust and rodents can’t get in
  • They are structurally stronger than cardboard

Put heavy items on the bottom

This may seem obvious, but when you are packing your storage unit, be sure to keep the heavier items on the bottom. A fairly common mistake people make is to put a heavy item (especially something smaller yet very heavy) on top of another item that then becomes damaged. You may think that a cardboard box can handle having a certain item on top of it, but months later you learn that the items in the box were damaged as a result of having a heavy object on them.

Disassemble furniture

When possible, disassemble furniture you are placing into a storage unit. This saves on space and makes the furniture easy to move. You can put the hardware all in one container, like an old plastic food container with a lid, label it, and store it with the larger furniture pieces.

Store large items in the back

When you are packing your storage unit, be sure to put the larger items in the back. This will help to make sure that you can get to everything without moving the large item. It also leaves room in the front for smaller items.

Place items you’ll need soon in the front

Another tip is to think about which items you will need the soonest, and place those in the front where it is easier to get at them. If you have an old piece of furniture that you don’t know when you’ll want it, that should go in the back. If there is a box of items that you may be thinking you’ll want in a few months, maybe place that in the front.

Go vertical, but be careful

Our last tip is to consider going vertical, i.e. stacking items towards the ceiling. You want to be careful that items are safe and won’t be damaged, but there often is a way to stack some items, like those clear plastic bins we talked about earlier. Stacking items helps to save on space.

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