Planning For College Dorm Move Out Day

Learn how to move out of a dorm with as little drama as possible.

With the end of the spring semester fast approaching, it’s almost time for many college students to be moving out of your dorms for the summer. As a quarter or more of college students who live in the dorms are freshmen, this will be the first time many of you have to go through dorm move out.

You probably remember your dorm move-in day as a hectic experience. Well, we’re here to tell you that dorm move-out probably won’t be much better. In fact, it might be worse as typically schools assign move-in days, but many don’t assign move-out days. That means the majority of students might be moving out on the same day! Often the Saturday after most students are done with school is the worst, as friends and parents are available to help that day, so many students plan to move out that day.

In this blog post, we’ll give some planning tips and moving out of dorm hacks to help you plan your dorm move out.

How to move out of college dorm: Planning tips

1). Send stuff you don’t need home early, or get rid of it. For instance, once the weather warms up in the spring, you may find you have a lot of clothes you are no longer wearing. You could pack those up and send them home early, freeing up space and giving you less to move later. If you still have stuff from the fall semester that you don’t need, clear that out too.

2). Purchase dorm cleaning supplies. You’ll need these to get a clean dorm room. Some ideal cleaning supplies for college dorms include paper towel, glass cleaner, sponges with a scrubbing side, a bucket, clorox wipes, magic erasers, a small vacuum, a swifter, garbage bags, and febreze or similar, not to mention laundry detergent.

3). Create a dorm room cleaning checklist. On your dorm cleaning checklist, list everything that needs to be cleaned. Most things can be cleaned before move-out day, saving time on the day. For instance, you’ll want to have done your laundry and cleaned your mini-fridge. Typically, dorm room clean up is required by your dorm and an R.A. (resident advisor) will come make sure your room is clean before checking you out. It’s also just nice to leave clean dorm rooms behind for the next person.

4). Create a dorm moving list. Your dorm move-out checklist should detail every item you have to move in an inventory, prioritized in an order to move the items. You can group some things, like clothes and books. Once you have this list, you can:

  • Plan where you are going to move all the stuff to. Your parents might not have room to store a dorm rooms worth of stuff over the summer, or maybe they live too far away to make it practical. Renting a storage unit can be great way to store your stuff over the summer. You could even split a unit with some friends. If you’re in the San Diego area or Las Vegas, consider Ace Self Storage!
  • Plan the order you are going to move stuff out. If you’re wondering hot to pack to move out, it’s usually best to pack the smaller stuff up and move it to the side, then move out larger items first. This way, the larger items go in your vehicle first and you can pack the smaller stuff around it.

The dorm move-out checklist also is nice to have on the day, as it will keep you and anyone helping you organized as you are moving stuff out.

5). Get people to help you! Typically, many of your friends and neighbors will be moving out around the same time as you. You could make agreements with them to each help each other move larger items and move the smaller stuff on your own. You also could find other friends and relatives to help you move. Choose wisely though, as dorm move-out day is hectic and stressful. You’ll want people who are in decent shape and can handle lifting and moving things. Ideally, they would also be fairly easygoing and able to adjust on the fly to make the process smoother. Finally, get these commitments a week or two before move out, if not earlier.

6). Organize and pack everything you can beforehand. Save time on moving day and make things easier for those helping you by getting everything you can organized and packed at least the night before. When your moving help arrives, you then can direct them as to what to carry out for you. They won’t have to pack or organize.

Ace Self Storage: Summer Storage for College Students in San Diego and Las Vegas

We hope these moving out of dorm hacks help you to have an easier time of moving out of your dorm for the summer. If you are in the San Diego or Las Vegas area and need a place to store your stuff over the summer, Ace Self Storage has several facilities to meet your needs. Contact us today to check availability and pricing!

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